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Family Support

Family Counseling & Psychologist Services Melbourne

At times, many children and young people, particularly those with autism spectrum disorder or intellectual disability, present with behaviours which present challenges for their families and teachers. At Step by Step Psychology, we aim to support families in managing these behaviours to improve the quality of life for both the young person and their family. We work closely with young people and their families to determine the reasons for the behaviours and to subsequently develop strategies to support the young person to engage in alternative, more socially appropriate behaviour, while also meeting their needs. We have experience in addressing a range of behaviours, including:

  • self-harming behaviours such as head-banging
  • aggressive behaviours such as biting, kicking and pinching others
  • absconding (running away)
  • school refusal
  • property damage such as throwing objects

​At Step by Step Psychology, we can address these concerns through the development of behavioural strategies which can be implemented by the family in the home, or through an applied behavioural analysis (ABA) program.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​