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Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist & Counselling

Many children require psychological support at some point in their lives, for a range of reasons such as anxiety and excessive worrying, sleep difficulties, behavioural concerns and low mood. While parents at times can be hesitant about engaging a child psychologist, addressing difficulties early on can help prevent them from escalating.

With the help of a child counsellor, children can better handle unresolved problems that can impede their development and confidence. Engaging the services of a good child psychologist in Melbourne can help your children in developing positive coping strategies when experiencing overwhelming emotions.

When to seek the services of a child therapist?

Seeing a youth counsellor can help children and adolescents manage difficulties they are currently facing. Child counseling can provide your children with tools to cope with challenges as they arise, both now and in the future. There are some signs which parents and teachers may notice that can indicate when your child may benefit from the support of a child psychologist. Some of the common signs may include:

      • Excessive worry or anxiety at home or school can indicate the need for child counselling, especially if this is impacting your child socially, academically, or affecting their sleep.


      • If your child is displaying behavioural challenges at home or school, engaging a child therapist can be beneficial for the child, their parents, and their school.


      • Specific counselling for children can assist if your child is displaying changes in their mood or having difficulties managing strong emotions such as anger.


      • If your child is complaining of physical ailments, such as a sore stomach or feeling sick (when they are not unwell), it is possible that there are some concerns which a child psychologist could assist with.


      • Academic difficulties at school can be addressed by a child psychologist, who can provide appropriate assessments and recommendations to assist your child with their learning.


      • Ultimately, any changes in your child’s mood, temperament or functioning may warrant cause for some concerns.

Discuss Your Concerns

If you are unsure whether or not you need to be concerned, meeting with a child therapist can help to clarify this for you. In such instances, it is recommended that you make an initial parent-only appointment, to discuss your concerns with the child psychologist and together determine whether child counselling will be right for your family. The child psychologists at Step by Step Psychology, based in Melbourne, work specifically with children and families to provide support through difficult times.