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School Holiday Ideas

School Holiday Ideas

It’s almost time again…school holidays are looming. While it can be tempting to fill in the time with activity after activity and scheduled playdates, school holidays are an important time for rest and relaxation. This downtime from school allows the kids to rejuvenate and prepare for the rest of the year ahead.

Having said that, keeping the kids from becoming outrageously bored 2 days in to the holidays can be hard! Here are some ideas to help entertain the kids at home:

  • Pajama and movie days are a great way to spend a rainy day, with each child picking their favourite movie to share with the others, and making big bowls of popcorn to munch on. This is a great way to spend the day if you are minding extra children!
  • Cooking is another activity which the kids can really enjoy, and holidays are a good time to have them join in as there’s often more time to clean up the mess!
  • Setting up ‘activity stations’ can be helpful and encourage the children to entertain themselves. By having the activities set out, they’re less likely to come to you saying “I’m bored”.
  • If you’re reluctant to have everything set out, writing a big list at the start of the holidays, with all of the things they can do, can be really helpful (include the games and toys that have found the way to the back of the cupboard to give them some love!) Younger children can also benefit of a picture list of activities or games to help give them some ideas to entertain themselves.


If you do want to get the kids out of the house, here are some local activities which might be of interest:

  • Make Believe Theatre is performing Cinderella at Doncaster Playhouse on most days throughout the holidays. You can find more information at
  • Blackburn North Shopping Centre has Max the Magician visiting at various times throughout the holidays with his magic show, as well as a daily live show ‘It’s a Beary Good Day’ with related craft activities before and after the show. Visit for more details.

Whatever you end up doing these holidays, it’s important to have fun with the kids, while also finding a balance for them to learn to entertain themselves. Downtime is just as important as learning and play, and so encourage your kids to take some time by themselves to do something they enjoy.

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